Pressreleaser från Green Cross International

2013-09-04:   Earth Dialogues Geneva Declaration: Act now on sustainability, Syria, no nukes

2013-08-20:   Young performers from around world to visit UNOG ahead of major musical

2012-08-31:   Green Cross photo exhibit in Geneva sheds light on challenges facing humanity

2012-08-30:   Green Cross/Armani 2012 Acqua for Life Challenge brings clean water to people in Ghana, Bolivia

2012-08-28:   President Gorbachev: Green Drop Award offers message of hope for a sustainable, peaceful, environmentally conscious future

2012-08-27:   World leaders, nuclear possessors must grasp chance to abolish all weapons of mass destruction

2012-08-20:   Tasmanian school wins Future Sparks award

2012-08-06:   Nuclear-free world is a must to prevent repeat of Hiroshima and Fukushima tragedies

2012-06-18:   Action to Face the Urgent Realities of Climate Change

2012-06-11:   Climate Change Task Force issues urgent Appeal for Rio+20 conference to take global warming threat seriously

2012-03-22:   World Water Day: Action needed against droughts and floods, to protect people from global water crisis

2012-03-16:   Green Cross backs UNDP-led water and sanitation solutions platform

2012-03-14:   Famke Janssen addresses Women for Water Partnership

2012-03-13:   Famke Janssen joins forces with Green Cross as its global “Water Ambassador”

2012-03-13:   Gorbachev to World Water Forum: Global river accord, curbing waste can help solve water crisis, avert conflicts

2012-03-02:   Green Cross International welcomes North Korean suspension of uranium enrichment, calls for restart of Six-Party talks on Korean denuclearization

2012-02-16:   Giorgio Armani is proud to renew his“Aqua for Life” challenge in 2012

2012-02-14:   Green Cross, Armani water campaign expanding in Africa, Latin America and Asia to reach more people with safe water

2011-12-12:   Green Cross: Weak climate deal underscores impotence of global governance

2011-12-11:   Kyoto recommitment needed to reverse climate change threat

2011-11-16:   On the Eve of Rio+20, Countries Accelerating Plans for a Transition to a Green Economy

2011-10-14:   Green Cross launches hygiene training in Ghana to mark Global Handwashing Day

2011-10-12:   Green Cross marks International Day for Disaster Reduction with call for countries to step up capacities to prevent emergencies

2011-10-10:   25th anniversary of historic Reykjavik nuclear arms summit reminds world of need for leadership, foresight and action

2011-10-07:   Human Rights Council takes strong action on water, climate change and toxic waste

2011-09-26:   Green Cross: world must continue work of late environmental champion, Wangari Maathai

2011-07-27:   Green Cross: Switzerland can send global message by voting to end reliance on nuclear energy