Cooperation for constructive change

In the same way as the risks of conflicts over water are obvious, there are inspiring examples of effective regional collaboration, good management and targeted international cooperation.

Measurable results are of great help in international cooperation as well as in regional. It is about creating common beliefs that are based on credible information.

Statistics from the measurements and calculations of global natural resources are available in many places such as WHO, UN, OECD, World Bank, the World Watch Institute and others. The international exchange of information is often critical to a consensus. Now you for example agree that the prognosis for the Earth’s supply of oil will decline after 2008.

Cooperation to end the use of fossil fuels!
A shift from fossil energy sources are necessary to mitigate the global climate change that is happening now. Of the earth’s fresh water the biggest quantities is concentrated in the snow and ice in glaciers and at the poles. It is therefore very alarming that they are now melting because it may affect the major cycles of the earth, such as the Gulf Stream.

Below is an extract from a speech to world leaders at the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders “, put forward by Chief Oren Lyons, India. Translation Carina Gustafsson of Green Cross Journal of Green Pages.

Neyawenha – Skanoh (Thank you for being in good health)

I bring greetings to you from the Indigenous peoples of North and throughout our land, Turtle Island, now called North America. I have been asked to send a very important and urgent message to you. In return we got this knowledge at our annual general meeting of spiritual leaders, older tradition keepers and young people. We were visited by a messenger from the north, from Greenland. He told us that: The ice is melting in the north!