This is how you see the situation:

Aral is becoming an ecological disaster. Evaporation leads to the salt covered ground & salt dust carried by wind over large areas in your country. Soils are destroyed & the salt has also penetrated down to the ground in several places & made it unfit for drinking.

The people of Kazakhstan who live near the Aral Sea is hit hard by salinisation, pollution & waterdepletion. The country has a high infant mortality because that the water is not purified. Here is information to the country’s population important for them to become aware of the risks.

Uzbekistan located upstream Syrdarja, divert huge amounts of water from the river for their cotton plantations. This is something that affects Kazakhstan largely and the countries upstream must become more efficient at being economical with their water. Unlike its neighbors, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Kazakhstan have a price on their water.

Russia should pay you because you are now paying the high price of the system that was developed by Moscow during the planned economy era. You do not agree to the Russian argument “No one has stolen their water. It is still there, although not in the Aral “. There are many Russian industries that are operating in your country and of course you must be careful not to exploit this in your negotiations with Russia because Kazakhstan are in need of Russian-water technology that can help your country.

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