The purpose of this role play is to demonstrate the importance of cooperation.
All participants should try to achieve sustainability in their countries’ water supply while keeping nature in balance.
All participants is given five units of water and aims to reach eight units to achieve sustainability in the country. The commonly shared units of water representing the environment in the area is initially five units and have to come up to nine units for common sustainability.
Every country card is represented by either one or two people.

Playing the Game
The role play consists of five rounds. Each round represents one year, beginning with a meeting in which participants’ roles come together to discuss and reach common goals for the coming year. Point 1 and 2 (explained below) takes place during this meeting and point 3 represents what actually happens in the coming year. Paragraph four concludes round and changes the requirements for the coming year in various ways.

1. A motion for potential cooperation is presented.
The motion is given by the indicated country that automatically will participate in this motion. It will discuss the motion so that everyone understands what it means and how it would impact on each participant’s situation. Countries can enter into individual agreements with each other and may require discussions with each other behind closed doors. The only restriction contained in the discussion section is the time.

2. Participants choose to participate or to refrain
All participants will individually decide whether to participate in the motion or not. The people who choose to participate, goes to the next step. Others may wait until the next round. It indicates that it intends to participate by investing one or two units of water from its own stores.

3. Participants choosing to continue to implement the motion or to suspend cooperation
At this stage, all who chose to participate to show if you actually follow the motion or not. There are three possible outcomes:

A. All participants that participated in the motion completes the cooperation.
Anyone who chose to participate may return their units wagered plus an equal number of units. It also adds one unit to the common repository.

B. All but one participant cooperates.
When someone chooses not to pursue cooperation, this means that the person exploiting the situation. The participant will then return their units plus the units that other countries have invested in the motion. The other participants get nothing and the common repository is reduced by one.

C. More than one participant chooses not to cooperate.
When more than one participant tries to exploit the situation, the entire cooperation fails, and all participants will lose their units (these units are now lost and taken out of the game). In addition, one unit is taken away from the common repository.

4. Event Cards
When the year’s events are finished, an event card will be given to one country. Event cards alter the conditions for the next round. The information on the cards are sometimes given to all participants, and sometimes it is secret and is read only by that country, this is stated on the event card.

After this the game goes back to repeat these 4 steps.

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