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Hemliga sidan!

Hur spelet läggs upp och kommentarer som ska läggas upp efter hand. Spelet börjar på Där ger de sina namn samt skypeadress. Här ger du deras länder.

Steg 1: Ge de länkar till respektive land.






Steg 2, Alla samlas i UN conference hall för att diskutera en motion, ha ett upprop med alla närvarande. Första motionen är från Turkmenistan. Länken dit är:

Här får de 20 min på sig att diskutera sen är det dags för röstning. Här trycker de på deltar eller deltar inte knappen.

Steg 3. De som inte deltar ser på en you tube film tills du säger till de att gå till sammanfattningssidan, här är sidan med den första you tube filmen.

Steg 4. Dags att implementera motionen. Här är diskussion i 15 min. Det slutgiltiga beslutet skrivs till moderatorn som också presenterar beslutet.

Steg 5. Sammanfattning. Du länkar till den sidan som stämmer överens med hur naturen mår.

Naturen 1-2/10:

Naturen 3-4/10:

Naturen 5-6/10:

Naturen 7-8/10:

Naturen 9-10/10:

Steg 6. Ge event cards to the UN:

UN Read this out loud, this must all hear! Drought! The entire region is suffering from severe drought. Turkmenistan is suffering hard and it will be great pressure on the water resources in the country. Uzbekistan is doing much better. In order to prevent a humanitarian disaster in Turkmenistan, they ask Uzbekistan to release more water. If Uzbekistan agree on this, they must remove a water unit from its stores and give to Turkmenistan. You can also choose to take a water unit from the common repository.

SECRET: Tell this first if Uzbekistan says “No” to the request of Turkmenistan. A No, turns out to not only have major humanitarian consequences but also environmental. Rivers and lakes dry up, which has negative repercussions on the local wildlife and the ecological balance. Remove a water unit from the common repository. NOTE. These facts are fictitious!

Steg 6. Motion två.

Steg 7 = (Steg 3, 4 och 5)

Steg 8. Event card 2:

Kazakhstan Classified information, your eyes only!

Relations between you and Russia have become increasingly strained in recent times to because o foreign affairs. Last month President Medvedev was so irritated that he threatens to suspend all trade relations with Kazakhstan. This would be fatal to your industry as your largest trading partner is Russia. To avoid this, you’ve been ordered to stay with Russia in the next motion, if Russia participates, Kazakhstan participates. Remember that this should not be notised because it may look like you are controlled by Russia. NOTE. These facts are fictitious!

Steg 9: Motion number 3:

Steg 10= (Steg 3,4,5)

Steg 11 event card 3:

Uzbekistan Read this out loud, everyone must hear this! A large increase in child mortality in Kazakhstan is connected to the pollution from the Aral Sea! It has created great awareness and attention in the country on the Aral Sea impact on the people of Kazakhstan. President Nursultan Nazarbayev promises to tackle the problem and will invest heavily in water issues the next year. Kazakhstan must support the next motion and Kazakhstan will invest two water units. If the motion is fulfilled by those who participate in it, Kazakhstan will also get two water units. NOTE. These facts are fictitious!

Steg 12: Motion 4.

Steg 13 = (Steg 3, 4 and 5)

Steg 14 event cards 4:

Turkmenistan Read this out loud, everyone should hear this! A major motion to save the Aral Sea have been accepted by the World Bank. But there is one demand, if the help are to come to the region the countries in the region must show it can cooperate and are stable. It also demands that all of the countries in the region are contributing. If everyone participates and completes the next motion, the environment will be given two water units instead of just one. NOTE. These facts are fictitious!

Steg 15:

Steg 16 = (Steg 3, 4 and 5)

Steg 17, Kontenta och thank you sida!