The role playing game

Green Cross Sweden has commissioned educational role-playing game “The World’s Water – conflict or cooperation” with the financing of the Folke Bernadotte Academy.

The purpose of the game is to demonstrate one way to teach that the proper management of shared natural resources has the potential to contribute to global sustainable development. The aim is mainly to teach a methodology with associated training materials, but also to create a deeper understanding of water cooperation for global sustainable development.

To reach out in ways that create lasting knowledge the training use interactive learning in the form of “role playing”. With a role-playing game Green Cross want to contribute to the creation of method rather than the traditional “you should learn how it is.” The idea is that cooperation is based on participation at the individual level, it’s about all people. Which in turn is a precondition for cooperation at the local level, at the end of the day it is people who should cooperate not politicians.

The structure
The game creates knowledge of some water resources in the world that has some conflict and that are strategically important for sustainable development. At the same time it creates a deeper understanding of the situation that impedes cooperation in joint management of water resources. Participants will be given information on some of the worlds present and typical water conflicts and will receive a role in one of these conflicts. With these roles and some rules the participants will discuss, argue and negotiate an outcome of collaboration to ensure the availability of water for all parts.

Target group
This training is for teachers who can use them for teaching in areas such as conflict management, sustainable development, international relations and more specifically the knowledge of water issues at a (minimum) high school level.

Rules in PDF format.