How you see the situation:

You believe that water is a human right and you are proud to offer free water to your population – both domestic, agricultural and industrial use. That it diverts water from Amudarja (20% of the river’s total water supply) do you see as a must to maintain and develop the country’s agriculture. It is the single most important source of income for your population.

The standard of living in Turkmenistan has increased in recent years and you want to continue that trend. That you have managed to grow in the desert sands has been a major reason for the better living conditions for the population, but you are aware that it takes a lot of water to maintain this. There are plans to extend these trials through a new channel that diverts more water from Amudarja. The thing is that Turkmenistan has no direct reason to think of the Aral Sea situation because the country does not border the lake.

But the relationship with your neighbors and political stability in the region is of course important.

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