UN conference centre New York

Welcome everyone to the conference center in New York!

First of all I would like everyone present to introduce themselves. Please write the country you are representing here today in the Skype chat.

You are all here today to discuss the motion presented by Turkmenistan. Before this discussion is over in about 20 minutes I want everyone to have taken a decision if they want to participate or not in this motion. After 20 minutes I will announce that it is time for voting and everyone will officially announce their decision by pushing either the “Participate” or “Participate not” button below.

If you have any suggestion in changing or adding to the motion you officially declare your revised motion below on this page.

Motion 1, from Turkmenistan, Common IT systems

Turkmenistan has submitted a motion proposing the development of a common IT system that will coordinate the flow of water in the rivers in an optimal way. It shall regulate the dams to ensure a smooth flow and that the Aral Sea is filled with at least the amount of water evaporated each year. The investment would be made jointly to ensure that everyone gets their needs met in the system.

At first I will give the word to Turkmenistan to say just a few words in the Skype chat about the benefits of this motion, after this the word is free.