How you see the situation:

You are proud to offer all households, agriculture and industry in Uzbekistan free water. There is a strong contributing factor to the cotton crop is still profitable, though the use of water in the country is by far the highest in the region.
In Uzbekistan, you are dependent on cotton crops that require lots of water (1 kg of cotton requires 7,000 liters of water). Your citizens have to get an income somehow.

If you would be able to develop with less water you would do it, but you have been offered no alternative.
In and of itself you can see of course that the problem of the Aral Sea is shrinking affect the population adversely. Those who previously made their living on fishing today has no power to sustain themselves. Aral Sea is becoming an ecological disaster with just a minimum of flora and fauna. The people of Uzbekistan who live near the Aral Sea badly are affected by salinization, pollution and water shortages. Your people are having a hard time to agree how the water should be used. Fishing has been the foundation of the country’s previously booming canning factories, but factories have now reduced their production to a fraction of their capacity, with unemployment and social problems as a result.

You must, then, get farmers and fishermen in your country to get along while the relationship with your neighbours and political stability in the region is secured.

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