World Water, conflict or cooperation?


This is the “World Water, conflict or cooperation?” role-playing game that defines new strategies that makes different students, from all parts of the world, meet in an imaginative part acting, part storytelling social interaction to increase their knowledge on the possibility of transforming conflicts on natural resources into cooperation.

The Game is based on the idea that the students assume roles as representatives of different nations on the United Nation Council and they must take responsibility for acting out of these roles through a process of structured decision-making inside fictious or real scenarios previously chosen.

In July 29 of 2010 a resolution that declared water as a human right was accepted by the United Nations General Assembly. But even after the resolution was accepted there are still many conflicts and potential conflicts that must be extinguish or turn into cooperation before the target proposed on the resolution can be achieved. Most regions of the world have problems with their water in some way. This may include pollution, water scarcity or unequal distribution.

During the past decade, increasing attention has been devoted to discuss water as a source of conflict both between and within states. One reason that water is a source of conflict is that it flows across political boundaries. States that are hostile to each other can use water as a kind of pressure against another state. A major challenge is to try to get these states to cooperate on water.

The purpose of World Water is to contribute to global sustainable development, where the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the human rights are a milestone. The game explores the students knowledge on ecology, economy and democracy in a global context by using the environment and natural resources as a mean to achieve cooperation.

The material and scenarios are based on the Green Cross experience in managing national and international cooperation, combined with comprehensive knowledge of global water issues and conflict management. Since the game was developed it has been in constant improvement in special after the beginning of 2011 when new funding was placed on the game development. After the new enhancements it is now possible to link two schools from different parts of the world and with different perspectives on water issues to play World Water, conflict or cooperation? over the Internet. This creates a better understanding of other students’ point of view and their cultures increasing their acceptance among different cultures.

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