UN conference center year 2

You are all here today to discuss the motion presented by Kazakhstan.

Before this discussion is over in 20 minutes I want everyone to have taken a decision if they want to participate or not in this motion. After 20 minutes I will announce that it is time for voting and everyone will officially announce their decision by pushing either the “Participate” or “Participate not” button below.

If you have any suggestion in changing or adding to the motion you officially declare your revised motion below on this page.

Year 2. Motion from Kazakhstan Remediation of saline soils

Kazakhstan has proposed an environmental cooperation around the Aral Sea, which focuses on cleaning up the salt pond to prevent the continued pollution of soils and groundwater in the area. According to the motion the exposed bottom of the Aral Sea produce several hundred tons of salt dust each year. The project also includes construction of a factory that makes use of the decontaminated saltdust to produce salt for export. The industry is supposed to be built in Uzbekistan, the south part of the Aral Sea but it would benefit the environment throughout the region. The project is dependent on investment from Russia -both in terms of technical expertise and funding.

At first I will give the word to Kazakhstan to say just a few words about the benefits of this motion, after this the word is free.